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He had had BYU and Utah State University and the University of Utah check it out. RussellM.Nelson, The Future of the Church: Preparing the World for the Saviors Second Coming, Ensign, (April2020),,,,,,,,,,,,, Letter For My Wife Rebuttal, Part 6: The Early Church The Translation [B], Come, Follow Me with FAIR: Faithful Answers to New Testament Questions Matthew 8; Mark 24; Luke 7, For the Strength of Youth: A Higher and Holier Way, The Prison Journal of Belle Harris now available from Church Historians Press, Letter For My Wife Rebuttal, Part 5: The Early Church The Translation [A]. The bus driver looked down, saw this black driver, and started trying to force him off the road. Isnt it satisfactory? Ive got them on all my walls, and Ive tried to read every one of them to educate myself, because when I was younger I couldnt go through schoolat least I thought I couldnt. Elder JohnE.Enslen, To Any Who May Be Interested, (letter, February 15, 2010). I think what Im trying to say is that even if we have problems we can be attractive. Pronunciation of Vaughn J Featherstone with 1 audio pronunciation and more for Vaughn J Featherstone. I remember that on payday my mother would go over and stand against the mantel and look out the window up the street. Each of my shoes felt two feet in diameter. Vaughn J. Featherstone (born March 23, 1931) is an emeritus general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). In The Incomparable Christ: Our Master and Model, Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone of the First Quorum of the Seventy discusses the Savior's role in the Plan of Salvation, the Savior and the temple, the Savior and emotions, praying through the Savior, the Savior's mercy, the depth of the Atonement, the power of charity, our need to . I could tell you about some great men who have had that kind of impact and influence on my life. [Page 314]Importantly, when areworked version of AHaven in aWorld of Turmoil was published as part of his 1995 book,The Incomparable Christ, Featherstone modified the language to state simply, There are among our youth today who will be someday called to the holy apostleship. While his statement was still surrounded by descriptions of the Second Coming, he no longer emphasized his belief that those who would serve as the last prophet and apostles were already living. In most cases, refuted documents are not marked in any way. Vaughn J Featherstonewas born on month day1931, at birth place, Utah, to Stephen Elvin Featherstoneand Emma Marie Featherstone (born Johnson). Millennial Reign, 7 Year Tribulation in the SEVENTH Seal TIMELINE, 48:57. I think youre getting the message. P.S. 14. Isnt there something splendid about light? This powerful document predicts the millennial ministry of the Savior and the future success of the Saints missionary labors in the American South. When I was invited to accept this assignment, I looked to it as a great honor and one to which hopefully I can contribute something. The perspiration started pouring off my face, and I wanted to say something, but I still couldnt, so I just stood there. People Projects Discussions . Then they took this girl, after they had the picture of her before, and obtained the finest clothes that money could buy for her. Most experienced readers know this. She has since joined and been through the temple, but then she wasnt even a member of the Church. You may feel like what we talked about earlier, or you may have a physical ailment of some kind that causes you not to be all that you think you ought to be. Provo, Utah 84602. They can if theyre trained properly and if they have self-discipline. If life seems all empty and useless without it, Why are you weeping? Nobody was there. I decided what to do. He was born March 26, 1931, in the small town of Stockton, Utah. Then he laid his hands on my head, and he told me something that I didnt know until that day. If Ali Hafid had stayed home and dug in his own fields, he would have had acres of diamonds. You want to let him know that you just cant take any more, that youve had your limit of pressure.. Vaughn J. Featherstone (March 26, 1931 - May 12, 2018) was a general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) from 1972 until his death. I went back to the taxi and told the driver to take me to that address. I see it in their eyes and feel it when they speak, and they must pay for it and be punished. This letter serves as Montemayors final piece of evidence for an imminent second coming. I also recall an incident that ties into the subject Id like to lead into in a minute. His parents divorced when he was growing up . I went through them, but I could find only one pair of shoes that would fit me. What if it isnt for five years and nine months? When I went back East, I found the school, went in, and was met by a seventy-four-year-old, white-haired man. No food in the house, nothing. Featherstone spoke on the importance of temple attendance in the last dispensation, when Satan has unleashed every evil. He was also quoted as saying, Ibelieve we may well have living on the earth now, or very soon, the boy or babe who will be the prophet of the Church when the Savior comes. His problem was solved. Elder Featherstone served in several stake leadership positions, on the Church General Missionary Committee, as a member of the Young Men general presidency, and in area presidencies in the Philippines and the Pacific. We dont know what we can really do for you, Doug, but I will tell you this: we can teach you how to live with the problem.. In other words, he believed he really did know, but he wouldnt phrase it that waya wise course. So can we use this scientific data to extrapolate that the Second Coming is likely to occur during the next few years, or the next decade, or the next century? These members, traditional Protestant and Catholic Christians are being prepared right now. When he got into the new class, he said to his teacher, Well, what is a moron?, His teacher said, Well, Timmy, I guess a moron is someone who doesnt know quite as much about something as someone else., He said, Oh, Im in the right place then. Has Ali Hafid returned?, No, Ali Hafid has not returned, and thats not a diamond. Let me tell you just one other thing about Douglas Snarr, because I know that his ability to speak is a miracle. What have other recent general authorities suggested about knowing the timing of the Second Coming? Finally he said this (and this is the way I feel about my wife; the other point, about the suffering even kings go through, I will make later): Proposition: If I could choose, from every woman who breathes on this earth, the face I would most love, the smile, the touch, the voice, the heart, the laugh, the soul itself, every detail and feature to the smallest strand of hairthey would all be Jennys. Finally the judges chose the girl that everybody agreed was the ugliest girl in America. Were going someplace, and we can make real contributions to the kingdom as soon as we start looking outside of ourselves instead of thinking only about ourselves and all the problems we have. He is very successful, and hes been a pushera driver. You can imagine how I felt. If the problem persists, copy the info under View Details and paste it into the Feedback form opened from the side of the screen. They were a pair of womens nurses shoes. As I heard this story, I thought in my heart, Dear God, please, everything is riding on this interview. The bus driver slammed the window shut on Dougs arm, and when he pulled it out it was bleeding down his white shirt and his suit. Anyway, when they finally finished, they had a picture. By Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone Of the First Quorum of the Seventy My beloved brothers and sisters, it has been my privilege through the past years as a stake president, a mission president, and a General Authority to serve as a common judge in modern Israel. Then I didnt know what to do. Featherstone was born in Stockton, Tooele County, Utah. Then the pressure got more intense. I believe my bishop, and hes a great man, and I believe in the stake presidency and the president of the First Council of the Seventy. All he has to do is make his own rules and then live by them, and he will succeed. But finally the facts were out, and he knew they were true. Then I said, My-name-is-Doug-Snarr. Doug asked, Whats going on here?, The driver answered, I guess this guy doesnt like blacks. The taxi driver slowed down, and the bus went on down the street. We can imagine what General Conference must be like, to have the Savior address the people. vaughn j featherstone excommunicated. Others can help us be attractive on the surface, and I think its important to look attractive. You just reported in, but you didnt dare ask for anything. It is powerful in its vision of the future need of temples as a refuge from a wicked world. In fact, he would go on to state Those who live in that day whether that be us, our children, our childrens children, or some future generation will bow down at His feet and worship Him as the Lord of lords, King of kings.20We should weigh both Featherstones 1993 explanatory note and his published sentiments in 1995 when we consider whether he claimed to have had arevelation on the matter. Featherstone takes for granted the fact that the Second Coming would have occurred by the time these future Saints had read We didnt say anything for ten days. I didnt think the Lord would be pleased with my working, and we really didnt need both incomes, so I stopped working. Enslen, To Any Who May Be Interested.. I give the credit to my mother and older brothers in the family that we paid back every single penny that we ever borrowed from Mr. Parsons and from another grocer that gave us a charge account. And God have mercy on us all. by Vaughn J Featherstone . Monday nights were reserved for family night, and Friday nights were exclusively for Sister Featherstone. Anything that started developing I just cut off. When authors state that items come from the Church or Church Headquarters or Salt Lake one does have to be cautious because that is often a way to sneak something past the unwary or give them an air of authority they do not actually possess. Dont go drinking up the water first. I took care of the family at home, and when the older of my young brothers was ready to go on a mission, I supported him. I dashed over to church half an hour early, and it worked. Find This Book Copies have been in circulation for many years, and the letter has similarities to other statements that Elder Featherstone made during his ministry.14John Enslen recalls its being read in ameeting in the mid-1980s. Perhaps, but before I was a genius I was a drudge. Alexander Hamilton said, All the genius I may have is merely the fruit of labor and thought. Dorothea Brand wrote a whole book,Wake Up and Live, to get across one simple formula for success: Act as though it were impossible to fail. Shouldnt we in Gods kingdom act as though it were impossible to fail? I am satisfied with it. What the artist had just discovered was that, if he was satisfied with the picture, he didnt know how to improve. What of their pain and their torment? Vaughn J. Featherstones humble beginnings gave him an intense appreciation for the gospel and its blessings. Many things cant be changed, and we have to live with them. It has been cross-posted with permission. He didnt care; hes just prejudiced. 12. As the earths crust cooled, that which cooled most rapidly was granite; less rapidly, copper; then silver, gold, and last of all diamonds. And the priest said to Ali Hafid, If you had a diamond as big as your thumb, you could buy this whole country. When he finished, I couldnt believe it. I went back home that summer and, although there was a girl I was interested in [apparently the same little gal], I didnt go on one date. When any man holds twixt hand and chin a violin of mine, he will be glad that Stradivari lived, made violins, and made them of the best. As far as Iknow, none of my brethren in the Council of the Twelve or even in the First Presidency know. For God could not make Antonio Stradivaris violins without Antonio. I can spot any bird that flies, and I can tell you what it is, and I can tell you what color it is. A generation of excellence: A guide for parents and youth leaders by Featherstone, Vaughn J and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at President Vaughn J. Featherstone promised if members of the Church would spend half a day in the Temple each month the following blessings would result: 1. In 1972 he was called to the Presiding Bishopric, where he served for four years before being called as a general authority seventy and presiding over the Texas San Antonio Mission. M.RussellBallard made asimilar comment in his own BrighamYoung University devotional on March 12, 1996. I was talking to one of the members of the Church down there, waving my arm but carrying on a regular conversation. Featherstone was born in Stockton, Tooele County, Utah. We lived off my husbands income, and I managed his affairs for him at home. I think you ought to tell it at church. Although I said I didnt think I could do it, she continued, Do it, Douglas. I worked that whole summer and finally earned enough. In the past, when this letter circulated among the Saints, it was usually to discuss Featherstones prophecy of the American South, rather than his statements on the Second Coming. By all accounts, Featherstones letter appears genuine. And so this sweet fellow said, All right, Ill speak at your sacrament meeting. The whole night before his talk, Doug hardly slept at all. I shant be wounded and not return it in kind. This Buddhist priest told how the Almighty put his finger in a bank of fog and started whirling it around faster and faster until it burst into a solid mass of flame. I thought, Ill put my feet back under the pew so no one can see them, and then Ill wait till everyone leaves. In 1978, adocument circulating among the Saints alleged that Elder Hinckley had revealed to missionaries serving in South Africa that the Second Coming would occur on April6[Page 316]and would be on aSunday. Amen. I went through school that year, and then one day when I was sitting in a barber chair, I saw a little ad in the paper about a man back in Chicago who would guarantee speech correction in a course costing one thousand dollars. What I am saying is that if the Lord will take a scroungy little kid like that, who had to wear nurses shoes to church and had to go and beg for groceries, and if he will make him a high councilor or a stake president or the second counselor in the Presiding Bishopric, can you believe what he would do for you? You recall the scene where King Arthur finally, after many months, received reports and innuendos and whatever that Lancelot and King Arthurs wife, Guinevere, had had an affair and were having an affair at that time. There has been some who misunderstand my statement.19. On March 12, 2020, the video 7 Year Tribulation in the SEVENTH Seal TIMELINE was released on YouTube.1Six weeks later it had 375,000 views and had made the rounds on various Facebook groups, including one devoted to discussion among seminary teachers. We appreciated your talkand so forth. He tells of being in Baghdad and hiring an old Arab guide. For example, there are[Page 312]several copies of the White Horse Prophecy aprophecy traditionally credited to JosephSmith but denounced by the president of the Church, JosephF.Smith, at the October1918 General Conference on the website and many more at the archives.11To avoid anyones thinking the prophecy was legitimate, Church Historian (and future president of the Church) Joseph FieldingSmith marked copies donated to the archives with phrases like not true, not to be accepted, and not aword of truth in it.12This is an exception. But the social pressure was intense. Another who served in Little Rock, Arkansas, recalls discussing portions of the letter involving baptisms in the Southern states all throughout my mission from 20002002. The mission even had asong that included averse stating, Amillion will join us! I want to be excommunicated from the Church., When I heard this sweet soul tell me that story, I want to tell you I sat there and wept with her. Vaughn J. Featherstone | Beggar's Bread Home About Beggar's Bread Essential and Non-Essential Doctrines of the Christian Faith Moderation Policy Beggar's Bread Beggars sharing the bread that they've so freely and graciously received Stay updated via RSS Recent Posts The 10 Myths Mormons Believe About Christianity: Epilogue por el obispo Vaughn J. Featherstone Segundo Consejero en el Obispado Presidente. He reached down into the water and pulled a huge stone out. You know, there are those few people who just seem to lift right up to the top, above everyone else, and you think, If only I had their talent. Theyll laugh me to scorn over at church. And so I decided I wouldnt wear them, and I wouldnt go to church. I picked up another interesting quote from a fellow who was also a stutterer. green tea face mask for glowing skin. Many of you have it much harder and have attended college. 218 University Press Building I dont care what the handicaps are that you think are so severe; you can overcome them. He kept waving, and pretty soon I succumbed to the temptation and looked over at him. A short time after that I went one day to see my sweet mother. Then my second brother came along, and I supported him on his mission. Were really excited about it.) 6. They raised six children together, five sons and one daughter. The Church History Library houses all sorts of documents that could be significant for preserving the Latter-day Saint past, not simply what has received official endorsement. He said that after working in Church Correlation for a time, that Elder Featherstone indicated that if he had had that experience earlier in his general authority ministry that he would have been more careful and cautious and circumspect in his doctrinal teachings to the Church. As to how I know, I'll just say I was in a HP calling at the time. Strength and sagacity; faith, hope, and confidence, stern pertinacity; His idea kind of wraps up what Doug said about his experience: You see, Im a stutterer, and Ive spent twenty-five years of my life doing a pretty good job of it. Weve been married five years, but we have no children. Enslen, To Any Who May Be Interested., 16. I put my feet back under the bench. Hed go get a big grocery cart, and then he would push it around the store and fill it up with all those things. Could this be interpreted to mean that such aperiod will elapse after the commencement of the seventh thousand-year period and before the outpouring of the woes about to be named?25This is important to the timing suggested by Masayoshi Montemayor as well. I didnt ask for the blessing; he volunteered it and gave it to me. MS22631. I told some seminary students the other day about an experience I had after getting glasses. AboutPressCopyrightContact. This is the time of King Arthur, and we reach for the stars! Unresolved: Release in which this issue/RFE will be addressed. When I was your age I had a problem very similar to yours. The next morning I would get up, and I couldnt tell but that she had been up all night. One day a Buddhist priest came by Ali Hafids home, and together they sat by the fire. I think we need to keep our teeth sparkling white, and I think we need to groom ourselves so that at least someone will take a second look at us. But I want to tell you she was there the next time, when the next brother got married. The perspiration ran down my face. As they walked along the banks of these rivers, they saw beautiful white sands and the old Arab guide told story after story, kind of like a modern-day barber. He wanted that kind of conviction for himself, so he began seriously reading the Book of Mormon. You know, I just love my Dad because we sit around the dinner table, and after we finish eating dinner, Dad will say to me, Well, Timmy, what do you think? Then I can tell my Dad what I think., And his teacher said, Well, Timmy, what do you think?. All of a sudden Carol came down the spiral staircase in a beautiful dress and said, Well, Daddy, thats Douglas Snarr. I was heartsick. The fact is that the whole thing is afabrication. (I should mention that we met in a little shabby roomgray, dull, dingyand one of the women who taught us was about the same age as the man and was blind.) When it was finally over I dashed home, went in the house and thought to myself, Thank goodness nobody saw them. How ridiculous! Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone felt the blessings of the gospel deeply in his own life and dedicated himself to sharing those blessings with everyone around him. Its great! If dogged and grim, you besiege and beset it, youll get it! I dont care whether there are truck strikes or food shortages, or whatever there might be. It goes like this: When you want a thing bad enough to go out and fight for it, It would be deposited in atime capsule at the dedication of the Atlanta Georgia Temple presumably, like other Church time capsules, to be opened fifty years later. Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved. He stood up, put his arm out, and then he put it down. Then pour in the rest medium-fast and pump like crazy! You have to have a lot of faith because each of you is someone special. Then I also recall the Scotchman who bought his wife an X ray of his chest for their anniversary. He has also been the president of the Logan Utah Temple in Logan, Utah. On April 6, 1983, Elder Featherstone drafted aletter addressed to twenty-first century members of the Church. We are a volunteer organization. Under the white rock I buried a bottle of waterout of the sun and cork end up. I didnt mind moving my arm because I was finally communicating. That you want; I told a group of Aaronic Priesthood holders out in the congregation tonight, if they are pure in heart, they may . If it passes Correlation it is approved and has the date to legitimize it. It would serve as great "insurance protection" for your marriage. Then Doug climbed into the back of the taxi, and the black driver turned aroundtears streaming down his cheeksand said, Thats the first time in my life that anyone has ever stuck up for me.. Brown: No matter how dark the night, the dawn is irresistible. I want to tell you there are times when that gives me a great deal of hope, because the dawn must come. I know every bird in the forest. Anything in Elder Featherstones letter that is wrong, is simply that, wrong. Genealogy profile for Vaughn J Featherstone. That whole meeting just seemed to stop and wait until I moved, so I had to move. Although Ido not know the time, Ilook forward to the Lords coming.26. Its the end of the drought! 1. July 4, 2022 salaire chez tesla francedispensary manager job descriptiondispensary manager job description I had a pair of shoes that Id wear to church. I dont believe in a God like that. I had heard about him and admired him for a long time. He opened up a whole new dimension of life because he said, Do you know that when you pray you can ask God for things, and he will answer those prayers? I hadnt known that before. Not one of them looked at me. I have come to love him just because of his story. After the marriage, we went out to see my mother. My two sisters got married, and then all the family was raised. It is okay not to know, its okay that Elder McConkie didnt know, he just simply speculated. Blythe, Vaughn J. Featherstone's Atlanta Temple Letter 313 Enslen stated it was used by Church leaders in the South in the years after 1983.15 The language in these two portions of Featherstone's letter are distinct. Then the policeman said to the driver, We will report this to your company and take appropriate action., The bus driver started to cry. They were very poor, and Elder Featherstone spoke often of the gratitude he felt for the help they received during that time, as well as for his stalwart mother. You come and speak to our people. We think weve got something that will be worthwhile in this class, and I promise you that Ill never call on you again. The teachers comment was worse because it made me feel like a spectacle., Doug wanted to do something about his stuttering, but that just accentuated the problem. Where should I look for one?, The Buddhist priest, having been awakened early in the morning and not feeling too pleasant, said, You look for a river between high mountains, and the river will flow on white sands, and there you will find diamonds., There is, replied the priest, and there are many of them, and you will find them. Someone said that when a person is really enthusiastic he gives off measurable wavelengths that leave his body for four or five feet. I have absolute confidence in that statement. I guess if you had finally crawled that last few yards and found this pump with the letter, your faith would really be tested. Doug jumped out of the back seat of the taxi and ran around to the window of the bus. Those who will sit in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are here.18. I watched, but, do you know, not one of those eight-and nine-year-old children in that class laughed at me. I knew I couldnt start dating and getting serious about a fellow, and so I didnt even look. A man would become mighty, and a woman powerful. I cant tell you how embarrassed I was. The views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of FAIR, its officers, directors or supporters. Thats all you have to do if you want to be a success! Does it always have to be me? But when I looked into her face and saw the heavy heart she had, Id say, Ill go. So Id take the list, and Id go out and get our old red wagon with the tires worn off and the rims worn flat.

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